Co-Parenting, Yes, there’s an App for That!

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Sharing parenting responsibilities when you live in separate households can get a little tricky when you have multiple jobs, extracurricular activities, doctor appointments, sporting events, and so much more to manage. Inevitably, scheduling or communication issues will occur. Technology has made co-parenting a bit easier by introducing apps focused on streamlining calendars and communication. These […]

Top Ten Reasons to Consider Divorce Mediation

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1. Mediation puts children first. Mediation takes a child-centered approach. Nobody knows your children better than you, so why wouldn’t you and your spouse be the ones to make the important decisions that will affect your children? Mediation is a facilitative process which assists the parents in creating their coparenting plan. 2. Mediation is more […]

The Financial Effects of Divorce

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People who are considering divorce usually think about the emotional toll the split will have on their family. Removing someone from your life who played such a close part in it can be very stressful, especially if there are children involved. But the financial consequences of divorce can’t be overlooked for long. For recently divorced […]