Sample Workshop

Divorce Resource CT is a program adapted from and in connection with Second Saturday /

We aim to provide you with the information necessary to make informed decisions about the divorce process, thereby helping your family transition through the process in as healthy a manner as possible, with guidance from trained professionals in law, finance and counseling. Each workshop is different, but here is a sample schedule for our traditional, in person workshop

Sample Schedule:


Legal Issues Presented by Rosemarie Ferrante, Esq

  • The divorce process in CT
  • Choosing litigation, collaborative or mediation- the pros and cons of each process
  • Legal considerations related to income and asset division
  • Parenting plan provisions

Family Issues Presented by a Mental Health Professional

  • Helping your family cope with the stress of divorce
  • Rebuilding self esteem
  • How to tell the children
  • Positive plan provisions

Optional Session: Wellness Segment, learning coping strategies, which may “Energy Tools for Daily Living in Stressful Times and Times of Transition,” visualization, chakra balancing, affirmations, grounding and protection techniques and perhaps, Reiki.

Financial Issues Presented by a Hollis Hardiman, CDFA

  • Preparing financially for divorce, what documents are needed, how to access them
  • Asset division, what about the marital residence
  • Asset division, how retirement accounts are divided
  • The tax consequence of divorce

Time for Questions & Answers

*May be modified depending on presenters and location