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Hollis Hardiman, CDFA™

Hollis Hardiman is a Private Wealth advisor and holds her CDFA™ at Merit Financial Advisors. As a CDFA™, Hollis helps educate women on their finances as they navigate through the divorce process.

As a child of divorced parents, Hollis witnessed firsthand the consequences when sound financial decisions are not made. She believes firmly in building a support team that can help her clients make the best decision during these emotional times.

Hollis works with a network of professionals in order to provide the necessary resources for her clients as they go through this extremely difficult time. Her passion is to empower women so they can take control of their future in order to be financially independent.

During the divorce process Hollis will work alongside the client’s legal counsel as the negotiations for the settlements are being discussed. Post-divorce Hollis will help the client manage the settlement and budget for future expenses.

Rosemarie Ferrante, Esq.

Rosemarie Ferrante is a family attorney focusing on non-adversarial divorce through mediation and collaborative divorce.

Rosemarie’s goal is to make a positive impact on the divorce process by giving couples the resources and tools they need to help their family transition smoothly through the restructuring of their family.

Her practice helps couples who wish to separate or divorce in reaching agreements that foster goodwill and trust, while meeting each spouse’s individual goals and needs and supports an ongoing positive relationship with their children and with each other as co-parents.

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