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About Divorce Resource CT

Divorce Resource Connecticut is the go-to resource for information on the divorce process in Connecticut. It is a collaboration between Rosemarie Ferrante, Esq. of Divorce Mediation Center of Fairfield County, LLC and Hollis Hardiman, CDFA of Merit Financial Advisors, LLC. Rosemarie & Hollis have been providing education, support and wellness workshops for individuals contemplating or in the early stages of the divorce process since 2015.

Divorce Resources Workshop group meeting

Divorce Workshops

The workshops are designed to help participants explore the legal, financial and emotional issues of divorce to gain a greater understanding of the process. We are committed to helping individuals gain a greater understanding of the intricacies of divorce so as to make the best decisions for their family before embarking on the divorce process.

Upcoming Workshops:

September 28, 2022 12 pm – 1 pm

Post-Divorce Considerations: Your Divorce is Finalized, What’s Next?

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“Thank you for taking the time to offer us the workshop. It was very informative.”

“I did learn a lot from your seminar. I’m very grateful for the time you all spent with us and the information you shared.“

“Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your workshop. I enjoyed the experience very much.”

Non-Adversarial Divorce

Watch our video featuring Rosemarie Ferrante, Hollis Hardiman and Kelley Hopkins Alvarez discuss non-adversarial divorce in Connecticut.

Book cover, Divorce & Separation

Divorce & Separation

A book by Rosemarie Ferrante & Lili Vasileff

When couples separate they face emotional upheaval. They also need to make important decisions affecting everyone around them, especially their children. This book will advise you on all aspects of dealing with separation and divorce in Connecticut. Divorce and Separation is the one book about divorce that starts with the premise: This is your life. These are your decisions. You are the ones who really understand your family. You are capable of making wise, responsible choices.

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We are here to help you through this difficult journey. Feel free to inquire about upcoming workshops. Please do not email us for specific legal or financial advice.